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How Goose pool House Can Help With Your Rescheduled Event

If you have had to reschedule an event during the lockdown period and you are looking for the ideal place to move it to, Goosepool house can help you! With our amazing facilities, hosting your board meeting or class at Goosepool house will be the perfect combination. In this blog we are going to discuss how our facilities can accommodate you.

Business Use

If you are looking for the perfect central location to host an important business meeting that was rescheduled, we have the perfect location for you. We are situated beside Durham Tees Valley airport just off the A67 on the out skirts of Middleton St George. With our 2 state of the art classrooms we have desks available and Smart Boards allowing you to use your phone and computer whilst taking notes on the board.


When hosting your event at Goosepool house you can take a coffee break whenever you need it with our onsite café offering breakfasts, burgers, full meals, sandwiches and much more! We have the fuel to keep you going during your meeting. Our café has had a makeover during the time we have been closed and we can’t wait to show you the refresh we have given to our premises!

If you would like more information about how we can help you reschedule your event give the Goosepool team a call today on 07506 253544 or visit