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Our Top Tips For Moving Offices

When your business reaches a point in time where growth has exceeded space or you would like to re-locate, you may decide to move offices. When you finally make this decision, it can be both an exciting and stressful time! There is a lot to think about, all whilst trying to ensure minimal disruption to your day to day business activities. In this blog we offer some of our top tips for moving offices.

Move Management

Effective planning and management is key to ensuring any move runs smoothly. Even if you plan on giving your different team members responsibilities relating to the move, it makes sense to appoint a move manager. If you have someone in the office who works in admin, they will be well suited to the role and can ensure no stone is left unturned. You should ensure the whole planning process begins well in advance to avoid any last-minute stresses.


Your IT department will need to be heavily involved in your office move. You should give them a plan to follow relating to all the office tech that needs to be disconnected and reconnected. This will include computers, servers, and phones, as well as your data and internet plans. As long as this plan is strictly followed, everything should be in working order by the time you move in.


After the stresses of moving in have passed and you are finally in your new office to stay, you deserve to celebrate. Why not throw a party to thank your staff for their cooperation and helping to make it all happen. Great ideas for an office moving in party include putting a buffet on, showing a film or simply giving your staff an afternoon off to listen to music and relax in their new space.

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