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Tips for Hosting your Own Car Show

At Goosepool House we host a wide range events with visitors coming from the North East, North Yorkshire and beyond. One type of event which is held here regularly is car shows. With many years of experience in working with events we have picked up some great expert knowledge. In this blog we are going to be offering some top tips to help you out when hosting your own car show.


In order to get people to actually attend your event, it is vital that you get the whole promotion strategy right. A huge focus should be on social media as people are more likely to use this method to search for events. If you post about your car show regularly and encourage friends to spread the word, it should get the event’s name out there. Another great idea is to ask local automotive shops to display your flyers in their windows.


Although the focus of car shows will always be the vehicles, it will add excitement to the whole day to have some special entertainment for attendees. Great options include a DJ, local band or even holding raffles to give people the chance to win car related prizes. Be sure to ensure you have the right electrical outlets or you may need a generator for speakers and PA systems.


Of course, a key aspect of any event is the actual location. Here at Goosepool House we have 6 acres of land designed for driver training. This means we can make for the perfect car show venue with loads of space for a range of vehicles. We also have our own café, meaning guests can come inside if they’d like a break and a bite to eat.

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